Our Mission 

At Flattered, each decision we make embodies our ethos, which springs from a desire to be a responsible, dynamic, and honest brand. We want to drive positive change in our industry by making products that last longer, thus honoring the authenticity and craftsmanship behind each one of them. We also always strive to offer our customers the choice to invest in products that contain materials or have undergone processes proven to be better for the environment. 

We realize we have a long way to go, and we continue to face new challenges every day, but our commitment to being a responsible brand remains unshakeable. It begins with the close relationship we’ve developed with our suppliers. To know how and why choices have been made from start to finish is essential to us. We try to be transparent about every aspect involved in the making of our products. 

Our primary goal is to minimize climate and environmental impact by maximizing usage, which we aim to achieve by employing materials that both last long and are produced in a responsible manner. 

If we can double the lifespan of our products, we would reduce the negative climate effects of production by almost 50%


To us, design is about embracing simplicity and creating timeless items that endure beyond seasonal trends. In our design department, we adopt a mindset of quality from concept to execution of the final product. We encourage our customers to invest in products that can become a part of their permanent wardrobe, and be used time and time again to offset their environmental impact. We believe this perspective on conscious consumption, hand in hand with timeless design and good craftsmanship can make a difference to the habits of not just our customers but our industry as a whole.


Our approach at Flattered is to improve in increments when it comes to selecting the materials that make up our offering. By aiming to create high-quality products that are ever more well-considered, we inch closer every day to a cleaner future. We believe in leather as a natural and strong material that can stand the test of time. By sourcing the best possible leathers — certified by the Leather Working Group — for our bags, accessories, shoe-uppers, and linings, we ensure our materials stem from environmental best practices and performance in all areas of leather production, including chemical and water management, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and hide traceability.

In combination with the right care for our products, we believe that this is the best choice for the Flattered of today — while continuing to learn about and evaluate new materials and techniques for the Flattered of tomorrow.

There are many more components involved in the production, particularly when it comes to shoes, with approximately 20 components per unit. Each and every one of them needs to be considered carefully when selecting smarter and more environmentally friendly materials.

Read our complete material guide here.

Care, Repair, Resell and Recycle

Caring for your Flattered product is, in fact, one of the most essential aspects of prolonging the lifetime of your investment. At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our products and their owners. We see shifting to a circular future through caring, repairing, reselling, and recycling as a necessary and vital responsibility we have towards our planet, and we encourage you to think long-term so that our products are loved and taken care of until the very end. An important element of this mindset is to make a habit of taking extra care of your products by regularly cleaning, protecting, and maintaining them. Together with Attirecare, we offer a selection of specialized products designed to help take care of the care. All products are made out of organic ingredients. Formulas are environmentally friendly, ethically made, and biodegradable. 

As a final step, we have teamed up with Sellpy to offer you an avenue to resell or recycle your used Flattered products.

Resell or recycle here.

́At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our products and their owners.`

Transportation and Packaging

We believe in working in incremental stages across the board to improve the overall environmental impact of our offering. In order to reduce unnecessary wastage of space and cut down on shipment volumes, we have developed packaging made to fit each product perfectly. No Flattered box shall go half-empty when transporting our products. Furthermore, our aim is to exclude all plastic in our packaging no later than the autumn of 2022.