Care Guide


Care of our products is a big part of the circle. It’s an investment that requires responsibility. At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our shoes and its owners. An important element is thus to take extra care of your Flattered products by cleaning, protecting and carefully maintaining them. Here we share tips on how to make your pieces last longer and explore our selection of products that help take care of your pieces.

A Small Care and Repair Guide

If your heel breaks or your sole is torn we want you to fix it. To repair and use again is a behavior we stand behind. Therefore we have made a small guide on how to do if it happens. Shoes are not just a part of your wardrobe, it is actually an investment. Spend your money wisely and you will get more out of it, better comfort, better foot health and also a sense that you are helping to save on our natural resources.

Shoes need rest

Shoes also need to rest, so do not wear the same shoes day in and day out. Always let your shoes rest and dry out at least 24 hours before using them again.

Keep the shape

To maintain the shape of your shoes, you should use cedar shoe blocks. Try to use shoetrees that fit your shoes (or crinkled up newspaper), and put them in as soon as you’re not wearing the shoes. This will help maintain the shape of the shoe. If not allowed to dry after use, the shape of the shoe will deteriorate over time.

Bad smell?

If your shoes tend to smell bad due to foot sweat, there are two simple tips. The first is to change socks and shoes more often than usual. The second is to use shoe blocks in cedar. Cedar absorbs moisture and odour effectively!

Salty stains?

If your shoes are getting white stains it might be salt. It’s not very beautiful and it will harm your shoes. Mix some water with white vinegar or a few drops of lemon juice. Wet a cloth and wipe carefully. Use polish or spray afterward to your shoes some extra love.

New soles?

Our shoes come with a thunit outsole. Thunit is a type of resin rubber that lasts longer than a regular leather sole. There’s no need to replace or add any sole on top of it if you don’t like right after purchase. When your outsole is torn down make sure to leave your shoes to a certified cobbler before it’s too late and other parts of your shoe get torn as well. They are professionals and will make your shoe as good as new again.

Avoid unnecessary wear

When putting our shoes on or off make sure to open laces generously to avoid unnecessary tearing. Also use a shoehorn when putting your shoes on, to avoid that the counter and back part getting badly shaped.

Store well

When not wearing your shoes or using your bag, make sure to cover them in the dustbag you receive when making your purchase at Flattered. Make sure your shoes are clean and fill them with cedar blocks to avoid wrinkles and bad shape.

Together with Attirecare we are offering a small selection of products that takes care of the care!

The products are made out of organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals. All formulas are environmentally friendly, ethically made, biodegradable.

All packaging are 100% recyclable.