Our mission

At Flattered, we invest a lot of time into details you might not see, but that makes a difference for both you and the environment. Each decision we make embraces sustainability and is a symbol of the brand’s entire ethos, to be a responsible, dynamic and honest brand. Sustainability in fashion is no longer an ideal; it is absolutely necessary. 

We believe in making small changes in many stages. To commit into improving our practices to reduce waste and operate sustainably and ethically. We have made “The Flattered Circle” to illustrate and remind ourselves that all parts matter.

 Read more below about our way of working for a better today and tomorrow.


Flattered TODAY AND TOMORROW is our sustainability program , offering you the choice to invest in products that have been consciously crafted. Discover our symbols and help support a more responsible future both environmentally and socially. We have illustrated a few symbols to help our customers to make good choices.

We are continually working on improving all stages of our work into better choices and expanding the range of new symbols for a better tomorrow.

Sustainably sourced material

Our sustainable products are made of well considered materials and renewable resources and / or through a sustainable process and is produced with methods that have less negative impact on the earth.

Vegan materials

Our vegan products are 100% committed to avoiding the use of any material that are derived from animals.


At our design department we are trying to work with a sustainable mindset from idea to final product. It’s not only about the materials we choose, but also to think of simplicity and create timeless pieces that can last beyond the season. We don’t want our customers to buy a shoe because of a seasonal trend- we- want our customer to buy and invest in a shoe that can be part of their wardrobe for a long time.

With that perspective of consumption hand in hand with a timeless design and focus on good craftsmanship we think we can improve and educate our customers into a long lasting mindset.

We create sustainable design.

‘Our decisions have an impact on the world. Deliberate choices in the design process can make a change.’


It’s all about the details. Our ambition at Flattered is to everyday become better when it comes to the choice of materials. We are always aiming to make high quality and well-considered products that are one step forward to a better future for our planet.

When it comes to the production of shoes-there are many components that are at first sight hard to see. Components that each and one of them needs to be considered and developed into smarter and more sustainable materials.

Today we are doing all our shoes with chrome free lining. Our goal is to make 100% of our shoes and bags in chrome free leathers into 2025. 


Diversity and inclusion is an essential part of our social sustainability work, and for us, it means understanding, accepting and valuing differences among individuals. We always strive to respect and embrace individuals from different ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, religions, age groups, body types and classes throughout the company.

At Flattered we have decided to be part of the CAMFED organisation that empowers pan-African women with education. Through their fund, we are contributing to the education of the next generation of women.

Read more about our social responsibility work here

Packaging and Transportation

As we mentioned before-we believe in working with small changes widely. Packaging is a part of our work that makes a lot of impact on the environment Therefore we developed boxes-made to fit each product perfect to reduce extra space to cut down transportation impact. No boxes should go half empty and be inefficient when transporting our products. All of our shoeboxes are produced using recycled paper, free from any glue or colourants.

The Flattered dust-bag is REACH certified and made of breathable 100% recycled cotton.


Care of our products is a big part of the circle. It’s an investment that requires responsibility.

At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our shoes and its owners. An important element is thus to take extra care of your Flattereds by cleaning, protecting and carefully maintaining them.

Read more here how to give your Flattered products a longer life

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