Our Symbols

Flattered TODAY AND TOMORROW is our sustainability program, offering you the choice to invest in products that have been consciously crafted. Discover our symbols and help support a more responsible future both environmentally and socially.

We have illustrated a few symbols to help our customers to make good choices. We are continually working on improving all stages of our work into better choices and expanding the range of new symbols for a better tomorrow.

Good Choice Leather

The product is made out of leather certified by the Leather Working Group. Materials that stem from environmental best practices and performance in all areas of leather production, including chemical and water management, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, and hide traceability.


Chrome Free Leather

The product is made out of Chrome-free leather. Chrome-free leather has been manufactured without chromium in the tanning process, which means less pollution, cleaner waste streams, and improved biodegradability. The characteristics resemble chrome-tanned leather but have a less significant environmental footprint.


This product this warm-lined. The fleece of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties. Sheepskin is a natural insulator and draws perspiration away from the wearer and into the fibers.


The product contains part of the cork material. Cork is considered to be a renewable or sustainable material because harvesting it doesn’t require the cutting down of any trees.

Washing machine

The product can be washed in the machine on a soft and caring program. Remove laces and/or inserts and wash them in a laundry bag separately. Remove innersock before washing.


The product is Handmade. All our products are handmade by experienced and quality-focused men and women in our factories in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.


The product is made for indoor use. The outsole is adapted for dry, indoor surfaces.


The product is very light in weight. Lightweight shoes are mostly preferred for their ease to wear and comfort.


The product needs to be washed by hand. Delicate articles should always be hand-washed to avoid any damage.

Water repellent

The product is made of material or treated to keep any liquids away.
Note! - the product is not thoroughly water resistant.


The product is made out of mainly textile fibers.