Creators' Picks

Lolita Mas

For Spring | Summer 22 we collaborated with London-based content creator Lolita, who handpicked and styled her favorites on her travels through Italy. Get to know Lolita and explore her summer edit of comfortable, breathable and universal pieces to reach for again and again.

When do you feel the most creative and where do you draw inspiration from?

When I explore new places, whether it’s abroad or in my city. I love telling stories through my content and sharing highlights of my life with my followers. There is always so much to tell and show when I’m in the new places.

How does your style transform between the UK and Italy?

Italy brings the elegant side of me, when in UK my wardrobe is all about practicality and underground-friendly. When I’m in Italy I tend to wear more feminine dresses and heels (even if it’s a block one). It's almost like I have a different personality when I'm there, and I really like her. 

Discover Lolita's full edit here: @lolitamas