Resell and Recycle

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At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our products and their owners. But, when your product is in a stage where you don’t use them anymore, we encourage you to resell or recycle them. Shifting to a circular future through reselling and recycling is a necessary responsibility towards our planet. We need to think forward and make sure our products are loved and taken care of until the very end.

Flattered x Sellpy

We have teamed up with Sellpy to be able to offer you to resell or recycle your used Flattered products. In addition to the chance to make money on them, we also give you a gift card of 200 SEK | 20 EUR | 150 DKK to use on your next order on Flattered.com

How does it work?

1. Sign in with the email you used when making your previous Flattered purchase and follow the instructions. When you order your Sellpy bag for free, which also includes shipping, you also receive your gift card to use for your next order on Flattered.com. 

This service is only available in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Denmark, but we hope to offer a resale and recycle the service to more countries in the future.

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