Fri frakt och fria returer
Fri frakt och fria returer
Fri frakt och fria returer
Fri frakt och fria returer
Fri frakt och fria returer



Iggy is our pump version of the Xenia boot for the SS20 collection. Designed with a slighthly angled heel and an elongated squared toe. Handmade in soft leather by fantastic craftsmen in the southest of Spain. This pump extends the leg and creates a sense of modern power.

“Razor-sharp silhouette, in concert with the soft and sensual slanting heel, a pump for the modern women”

Our designer Anna has designed the Iggy pump in two modern colors, black crocodile-effect leather, as well as in a soft, glowing cognac leather. An extra cushioning in the insole has ben added to ensure total comfort from morning to evening.

“I wanted to create something sleek and refined. A boot that makes you feel fantastic”

/ Anna Johansson, Designer

The first Pre Spring 2020 style is here-

Xenia boot - designed and handmade in soft leather with an elongated squared toe and a slightly angled heel. The boot is available in three gorgeous colours, Black, Cognac and Brick red.

The leather is very soft and needs continuous care and love to last longer.

How to take care of your boots:

1. Moisturize your leather. You need to moisturize your leather boots regularly to preserve shine and make the leather last longer.

2. Use leather creams to treat scuffs or colour fading. An easy fix to a scuff or discolouration is to apply a leather cream with a small brush.

3 Wipe down boots at the end of each wear. At the end of every day, wipe down your boots with a soft towel to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated.

4. For more durability, add a protective rubber sole. A good idea is to add a thin protective rubber sole to an already existing sole in order to extend the life of your soles. We already made a great sole for you, but for even longer life it could be a great idea to do this after a while.

@hannamw wearing Xenia Cognac Nappa

The Dustbag

At Flattered, we endeavour to reduce our environmental impact and ensure our ongoing development of sustainable design, production and transport methods. Sustainability is an evolving goal and definition, we don’t have all the answers but we believe that focusing on some of the smallest things can make a big difference.

For us, at Flattered it is important to take environmentally friendly actions. Our dustbag is recyclable and reusable. Made from certified 100% organic cotton and designed with a fair-trade wood handle together with the addition of practical pockets. This bag is not supposed to stay in your closet. Wear it, use it, because it’s made to be reused again and again.

“Sustainability is an evolving goal and definition, we don’t have all the answers. But we believe that we can always become better in everything we do”

REACH certified and made of breathable 100% organic cotton with a Fairtrade certified, wooden handle.

Wear it, use it.

"I think it is lovely to express yourself via fashion in general but it is definitely not my focus in life. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously."

Lena Lademann

Who is Lena Lademann?

Lena is a very talkative and lively person that loves to make jokes and to be goofy about herself and life.

She might have a big thing for taking action in control and organization.

Would you like to take us through a typical day in Lenas life?

If I am home it is a common day at my laptop doing mails, dealing my business (since I do everything on my own), planning shootings or creative projects and working on my graphic design layouts.

Then I am travelling nearly every week for jobs, so that is, in fact, a big part of the job as well.

The most fun and the hardest parts of your job?

1. Travelling so much and seeing so much from the world which leads to a lot of open-mindedness and creativity.

2. Travelling so much and being away from home so much so spending time with friends, family and yourself get’s challenging sometimes.

What is your relationship with fashion and shoes?

I think it is lovely to express yourself via fashion in general but it is definitely not my focus in life. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What type of shoes are your "go-to" shoes, do you have a favourite style?

That would be black, high heeled Boot in suede leather. They go with everything and can be easily styles chic or casual.

What are your main inspirations when it comes to art and design right now?

I am reading a lot of magazines and mainly follow photographers or creative pages on Instagram.

If going to Hamburg for a weekend, what should we do?

Come in summer which is basically a gap of one day in the year as it rains a lot.

But if the weather is good Hamburg truly is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Go to the Elbe beach, enjoy a glass or (if I were you) a couple of bottles of wine in the sun.

If you like sushi you should go to HensslerandHenssler for sure.

What are your plans for this autumn?

I am going to live in Italy, Umbria for one month. Just because I always wanted to go somewhere else in the off-season.

Design board


Bohemian Luxury | SS19

This seaso we set off to Slim Arons retro Resorts in for inspiration and to blissfully stroll around in comfortable sandals bleach in the sun.

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Flattered X Jessie Bush

"I travel pretty frequently, and the worst part of packing is attempting to fit a shoe for every ‘occasion’ into my suitcase. The comfy sandal, the dressed-up heel, the statement shoe…you get my drift. In my mind the sandal...

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