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”Designing your own shoe is every woman’s dream. I love the French feel of kitten heels, nonchalant, classy but still practical. I have two small kids and need to be able to move and dance, and want to wear a shoe that can go from day to night, like a chameleon adjusting to different settings and backdrops. Whenever I show my design to people, they say: “I get it, this is ANOUK in a shoe”, and to me that’s the biggest compliment. My message from me to you – to stay close to who you are, no matter what, and beautiful things will come your way.

– Anouk Yve, founder Büro Yve, international niche brand consultancy

Anouk Textile Black


“I love the French feel of kitten heels, nonchalant, classy but still practical.”

About Anouk Yve

Anouk Yve from the Netherlands, is a multitasker in the fashion media industry. Her life story has taken many twists and turns – from moving to different countries (London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Los Angeles) to starting new businesses. Via Instagram, she shares her visual diary focussing on personal style, fashion, interior and design. Behind the scenes, Anouk is a brand consultant for international companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry. In her private life she is a devoted mother of two and a beginning contemporary ceramics artist. Follow Anouk at @anoukyve

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