Care Guide

Out care guide

At Flattered, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our shoes and its owners. An important element is thus to take extra care of your Flattereds by cleaning, protecting and carefully maintaining them. Do insert a thin leather sole in your outdoor footwear to give extra protection to the inside.


In order to remove the dirt on your shoes, use either a suede brush or block to erase the dirt or stains. Alternatively, you can use a selection of suede detergent to wash away the dirt. The next step is to moisturize the suede so that the colour and lustre is restored. When the suede is dry again, spray an even layer of impregnating/water-proofing spray on the shoes. Here, we would like to emphasize the use of a water-based impregnating spray for the protection of our planet!


First, make sure that your shoes are dry before you remove dust or dirt with a shoe brush. If the dirt persists, cleanse the leather by wiping the area in question with a cloth dipped in soap and water. Apply leather cream to restore the beautiful and original appearance. This gives the leather a shiny look and soft feel – just like new! A pair of leather shoes should of course also be impregnated. The weather is not always on our side so a good base for moisture and water is required. Spray, dry, and then repeat so that you can enjoy them for the years to come! Note: Do not spray your gold and silver Flattered’s with impregnating spray

Patent Leather

Patent leather behaves differently from normal leather, and should be treated accordingly. The beautiful varnish of the shoes may, after a while, become matt but this can, of course, be fixed. Start by wiping the shoe with a damp cloth to remove the loose dirt on the material. Then apply a layer of patent leather lotion on the entire shoe, and let it dry for 3-5 minutes. Once it has dried, a white film will appear on the shoe which can easily be wiped off with a clean, soft cloth. Wipe the shoes until you get back the perfect shine and lustre that you wish! Note: Do not use impregnating spray on patent leather.


Brush your shoes gently, and use, if needed, a shampoo designed for textile for a more in-depth cleanse. We do not suggest running our textile shoes in the washing machine. They may then, unfortunately, not be with you for long. Do spray a thin layer with impregnating spray and let dry. If you want to keep your companions for a longer time – spray once more for extra protection!


Keep in mind that wool is a material that naturally do not emit odor upon skin contact, and should thereby not be washed too often. Instead, let the shoes aerate to keep them in the original, enjoyable condition! If you still feel like you need to wash the wool that makes the shoes soft and comfortable to the foot, it is recommended to use a specially prepared laundry detergent and carefully massage it into the wool. Do not rub it in as you would still like to keep the soft feeling! Remove the detergent with a wet cloth. Cold water is recommended. Be careful so that other material of the shoe is not affected. Let it dry and continue to enjoy you indoor ballerinas