About us

This is us

Our commitment is to design products with contemporary aesthetics from the perspective of our customers, without ever sacrificing comfort or functionality. We believe in long-lasting products, not just in terms of durability and quality, but also when it comes to a timeless appeal. We create value for the contemporary woman, through design and long-lasting quality that is made in a way that fits the world we live in, today and tomorrow.

Honest pricing

We're online first, which means that the majority of our products are distributed via our own online shop directly to you as an end-customer without any middlemen. In other words, we do not have to use old-fashion industry markups to cover the cost of working with traditional retailers. That's the reason why we can offer handcrafted high-quality products, but at a lower and more honest cost price, compared to other contemporary brands in the industry.

As an effect of this, we cannot afford to offer any deep end-of-season discounts to get rid of overstock, which creates an urge to produce only the number of products that you demand. Hence, you can often see extended delivery time on our most popular products since we did not dare to produce too many before we have seen how much you like them.



At Flattered, we invest a lot of time into details you might not see, but that makes a difference for both you and the environment. For example, we use chrome-free leather on a large scale, we continuously introduce vegan alternatives in our collections and we ensure ongoing development of sustainable design, production and transport methods. Each decision we make embraces sustainability and is a symbol of the brand’s entire ethos, to be a responsible, dynamic and honest brand.


Diversity and inclusion is an essential part of our social sustainability work, and for us, it means understanding, accepting and valuing differences among individuals. We always strive to respect and embrace individuals from different ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, religions, age groups, body types and classes throughout the company.

All Flattered shoes are designed in Stockholm and handmade by fantastic craftsmen in the south of Europe.

Our factories

We strongly believe in the importance of investing time with people, in every aspect of the brand. We share a close relationship with our production teams in southern Europe and the factories are carefully selected for their premium quality and values, with people who live for their craft. The traditional handmade manufacturing methods, combined with our environmental efforts and contemporary design ideas, allow us to evolve and build upon our brand’s balance of quality, sustainability, creativity, and accessibility.


Flattered Studio

Flattered Studio is our main collection, featuring finely crafted signature pieces that are constantly evolving to reflect contemporary trends. The collection features our classic indoor slippers, heels, loafers, and boots. Flattered Studio launches two collections every year — one for the Spring/Summer season, and one for Autumn/Winter.

Flattered X

Flattered X is based on design collaborations between the Flattered brand and creative women we adore. For us, this process means that the creative person has a great relationship with our brand and follows the product development process together with our design department.

Flattered Everyday

Flattered Everyday is a well-balanced collection with classics made to be in your shoe wardrobe through the seasons. By developing timeless key pieces and because we only maintain a digital storefront, we have managed to cut both developing costs and distribution cost even further.

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